Our Services

Consultation & Assessment

Our Board Certified Behavior Analysts will  help your family identify and address the issues that are most important to you: whether it is improving your child’s communication skills, decreasing challenging behaviors or equipping your child with skills to become independent in daily living routines.

Following the interview and assessment, the BCBA will make recommendations regarding treatment intensity, write specific goals for your child to work on, and design an individualized treatment program to help your child make progress toward those goals.

Child with puzzle pieces

ABA Direct Service

We provide a customized ABA program to address your child’s specific skill-deficits. The program may include adaptive skill building, and interventions to promote positive behaviors and reduce unwanted behaviors. For direct therapy, a combination of the BCBA and RBT will work one on one with your child. To learn more about our Center-based ABA therapy services CLICK HERE.

Parent Consultation and Training Sessions

We believe that parental involvement is pivotal to the success of any child, and even more so for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and developmental delays. As such, we not only require parent involvement in our direct service model (1:1 with your child), but we are also happy to offer parent training independent of an ABA direct therapy program.

We offer structured parent training sessions, using evidence based programs to meet the individual needs of your family. In addition to the structured sessions, we also offer a flexible approach to supporting and equipping parents with techniques to prevent and respond to problematic behaviors. Our intention, through this style of parent support, is to help you foster a calm, encouraging and positive family dynamic.

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Early Intervention Services

Phillips ABA Therapy group provides developmental services for families with infants and toddlers ages birth to three, who are not developing as expected or have an identified disability. Since birth to three years represents an important period of brain development, early intervention aims to support and enhance this development by individualizing intervention systems that build on each child and family's strengths and interactions.

Toddler playing with ABA therapy learning materials

School-Based Services

We are excited to announce our ability to provide therapy services in public and private schools in Tennessee, aimed at providing exceptional Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services to students, coupled with comprehensive training for staff. We understand the importance of tailored support for learners, and our ABA services will be precisely customized to meet the unique needs of each student.

Our dedicated team will work closely with the Individualized Education Program (IEP) team and staff members to seamlessly integrate ABA strategies into daily routines, fostering a cohesive and supportive learning environment. Through this collaborative effort, we strive to ensure that every student receives the individualized attention and support they deserve on their journey towards growth and development.

Therapeutic Consultation Services
Phillips ABA Therapy therapeutic consultation services are available to school districts, private schools or agencies. Our goal, through therapeutic consultation, is to develop a positive rapport with your team and to work with you, to create a support plan for a child in your care. We can help by assessing a child to determine what issues might be negatively impacting their development and learning. We can then identify reasonable academic and behavioral targets needed in order to succeed in the school setting.

We are also available to provide direct ABA services with individual students.

Training and Workshops
We love teaching others about the empirically based interventions we use. Our BCBA can provide training to teachers, paraprofessionals, and other staff in the implementation of research-based ABA interventions in the classroom setting.

It is our goal, at Phillips ABA Therapy, to work in partnership with families, and in collaboration with other service providers and school districts to develop appropriate objectives and take a comprehensive approach to your child’s needs.