Phillips ABA Therapy Center

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Our New Location!

Phillips ABA Therapy is excited to announce the expansion of our services. Our new ABA Therapy Center opened in November 2022 on Volunteer Parkway in Bristol, Tennessee. our new Center accommodates children ages 2-10 receiving Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services. The Center allows Phillips ABA Therapy to provide intensive (20+ hours) therapy to children ages 2-5 with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other related developmental delays and diagnoses.

The Center also provides the opportunity for school-aged children to receive ABA Therapy, educational support, or participate in social skills group learning.

Our Approach is Unique

Although we continue to offer ABA services in the home and school settings, we value the benefits of a blended method to behavior therapy. We are flexible in our approach to providing services in a variety of settings, as best suited to each child.

Our Center-Based Model

Center-based ABA services generally provide more treatment hours per week, resulting in more opportunities for clients to engage in learning and a higher rate of mastery across target behaviors.

Receiving Center-based services will allow your child’s treatment to remain consistent and prevent disruptions in progress. The ability to limit distractions in a Center-based learning environment contributes to higher quality instruction. Therapists will utilize group activities to build social skills while also having access to therapy rooms to work on individual targets more efficiently.

Furthermore, the quality and quantity of therapy supervision by Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA) of behavior technicians is improved with Center-based services. This makes it easy for our staff to observe together, consult on programming, discuss opinions, and evaluate options. Supervisors will ensure procedures are carried out consistently and adjustments to programming will occur immediately as the client’s behavior progresses and pertinent skills acquired.

Benefits of the Center

The benefits of Center-based services are endless!

Our facility, located in Bristol, TN, offers a friendly, calm, and welcoming environment where learning and social interaction occur naturally. Most families participating in early intervention want their children to eventually transition to a mainstream environment, particularly a school. A therapy schedule that is primarily home-based does not achieve that goal as quickly. Below are a few benefits of Center-based Therapy:

    • Direct instruction and modeling of positive behaviors and coping strategies
    • Access to sensory integration activities
    • Opportunities to practice following group routines and instructions
    • One to one individual therapy sessions embedded throughout the day
    • Small groups with a therapist who constructs social opportunities and teaches appropriate social interactions

The Phillips ABA Therapy Center is located at 1135 Volunteer Parkway Unit #9 Bristol, TN. Our entrance is located at the back of the building. Call our office to learn more!

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– B.F. Skinner